Day#2: E-textiles + Smart Materials

Morning session

1. Introduction to textiles circuits: exploring techniques and materials. Create  textile based circuits that integrates conductive and resistive thread, conductive fabric and more than one LED. Circuit diagrams for variable resistors here


Fragile Light Objets by Zuzana Serbak


Textile demo sensor by Plusea:

—– BREAK ——

Afternoon session

2.Intro to smart materials. Envision 3 different applications for thermochromic inks and make sketches of your design.


Egg book  by sawatanaka.


SymbiosisO: Voxel

Krakow by Joanna Berzowska


Kit-of-not-parts by Plusea

Wearable Electronics with Becky Stern

Suggested readings:

A Construction Kit for Electronic Textiles by Leah L Buechley

Open Softwear E-Book  by Tony Olsson, David Gaetano, Jonas Odhner, and Samson Wiklund.

Design Concepts for a Temperature-sensitive Environment Using Thermochromic Colour Change by Robert M Christie, Sara Robertson and Sarah Taylor


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