2012 / Illustration and Animation Master MIA, IPCA, Portugal80x15-1


Este taller tiene como objetivo introducir a estudiantes de ilustración y animación a el campo de los e-textiles y a nuevos materiales inteligentes y conductores de electricidad para que que aprendan a animar su pinturas e ilustraciones. Durante el taller los participantes construirán un proyecto interactivo.

This workshop aims to introduce students of illustration and animation to the field of e-textiles and to new intelligent materials and conductors of electricity so that they learn to animate their paintings and illustrations. During the workshop participants will build an interactive project.


Academic paper:

Guimerans, Paola y Tavares,Paula (2012).”Thermochromic paints: Introducing reactive materials to teach visual artists with a non technical-education color theory to animate painting and illustrations“. In Proceedings International Conference of The future of Education, Florence. link


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