Conexiones Improbables, Pais Vasco


The goal of the workshop is that Silam workers learn how to make an interactive bracelet using silicone. By introducing them to a series of Do-it-Yourself methodologies and tools  they will participate in a collaborative  hands-on exercise to create a wearable interactive object, that later may be replicated in a 3D printing machine. During the workshop participants will learn  as an exercise how to build soft circuits using differents conductive materials, such as conductive thread, fabrics or silicones. Also they will experiment working with smart materials, such as  fosfluorescent silicones.

The  activity technique and the workshop is designed by the artists for Silam. The materials for the workshop will be given to the participants as a  kit . The components are polymeric clay, conductive silicone, conductive thread and fabric , color LEDs, fosfluorescent silicone and a 3V battery. Participants will be encourage to interact in the research by prototyping with this materials an interactive object and by sketching their ideas  on paper.

Workshop description:

Participants will combine polymeric materials, conductive silicone, conductive thread , color LEDs, phosfluorescent silicone and small batteries to design a bracelet integrating electronics.

  1. Introducing materials and techniques. An example of how to     build a parallel circuit and integrated into a bracelets to make it interactive.
  2. Time for the participants sketch ideas and think about differents ideas or uses of the silicone as a wearable object. They add the fosforescent silicone to the interactive bracelet.
  3. Hands-on activity to create the interactive bracelets
  4. Sharing discussion
  5. Final debate to choose one project to be replicated via 3D Printing Machine.




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