△ Sketching Soft Circuits


2011/ LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial


Soft circuits is what is named the recent alternative of making circuits using new soft materials such as fabrics, inks or electricity conducting wires. During SummerLab the sketching soft circuits node proposes an open space for the experimentation and exploration of these new materials and their possible applications in educational and artistic projects. From the introduction of basic concepts of electronics, the objective is to teach participants to design simple circuits as well as document their projects. In the workshop a prototype of soft interfaces controlled by mobile phone will be made. SummerLAB is a participatory event, an opportunity to work together, sharing ideas, codes and much more. His organization reproduces the way in which free software is developed – there is no hierarchy, only the creation of a context where free desire and mutual help flow into the service of creation. This node was developed in collaboration with Horacio González.