△ Wassily in Workshopland

80x15-12012/ Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa MAC, Coruña

The series of workshops Wassily in Workshopland explore the artistic possibilities offered by the field of e-textiles applied to art education. Beginning with the introduction of techniques for color exploration, the manufacture of soft circuits and the use of predesigned templates, participants will implement interactivity and animation in their paintings. These workshops are part of the research developed as part of the ArtistasMac residency program. The workshops are aimed at all those who want to learn new techniques and methodologies to create their own interactive paintings with electronics. During these workshops, with the aim of approaching the technology from the art, the most representative paintings of the artist Wassily Kandinsky will be analyzed and a series of exercises of composition of forms, colors or textures will be realized according to its aesthetic principles.