Tutorial : Iniciación a los E-textiles II

Este tutorial es una continuación de 1.Tutorial E-textiles: Circuito básico en textil. .

Si en el anterior aprendimos cómo integrar un circuito sencillo en un trozo de tela ahora lo que aprenderemos es a integrar un circuito paralelo o en serie. Antes de comenzar, especialmente para los estáis empezando con la electrónica, tengo que aclarar que cuando hacemos un circuito eléctrico, en función de los componentes que utilizemos tendremos que incluir resistencias. Continue reading “Tutorial : Iniciación a los E-textiles II”


Collage, from the French word coller, which means “to stick,” is a visual art that is accomplished by gluing objects to a central backing. The term collage was coined by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in 1912. The two artists worked together during that time period and experimented with collage, using bits of glued paper added to charcoal drawings. The material used in this art form can be both original and borrowed, and the medium is limited only by the imagination of the artist. Typically, a collage incorporates mixed media. Continue reading “SOFT ELECTRO-COLLAGE”


Embroidery in art is a wide-ranging technique. Over the last few years, a new generation of textile and mixed media artists have been honour traditional techniques but use them in combination with more contemporary mediums or methods to create artwork that is original and refreshing. Today, traditional crafting techniques can be interwoven with new materials such as conductive ink, fabric, thread and more to generate “soft” interfaces. This allow so many artists to explored the marriage of traditional embroidery and electronics. Continue reading “CONTEMPORARY E-BROIDERY”

Dibujo y circuitos electrónicos

The term drawing is applied to works that vary greatly in technique. This tutorial will show how to draw a simple character design with markers adding electrically conductive materials and electronics. We will use copper tape and the AgIC’s circuit marker that contains silver, which makes the ink conductive, turning the paper into an electric circuit.The goal of this tutorial is offer you and introduction of novel materials and electronics concepts for you explore new forms of creative expression through soft circuits. Continue reading “Dibujo y circuitos electrónicos”