We are  Paola Guimerans and Cecilia Elguero . We met in 2008 when we both started to study at Parsons School of Design. What started as an exploration of embedding technology into traditional materials has became an exploration of embedding technology into traditional materials, as could be paper , to create an overview of emerging contemporary techniques . Inspired by the features of traditional materials the goal is to create a material library of possible application of those, and also a conceptual approach about mergin  Art and technology . By combining technology into those materials the goal is  to design critical tools as designers, but also new aesthetic of art forms.

We believe in technology in support of creativity, whether we are prototyping, drawing or making objects. We continually find ways to push the boundaries of our craft, with a passion, but also under a stronger spirit of research and investigation.
The aim is to explore the integration of paper, conductive materials- as could be conductive paint or Electro activated ink – and electronics to create hibrid objets that just point a critical aspect  of how technology has been demystifying traditional possible methods, but also aesthetic qualities.