PhD Research


Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid working on my dissertation, which explores emerging relationships between Arts and Technology. The focus of my research is at the intersection of traditional Visual Arts & Crafts techniques,Maker/DIY Culture and novel materials, which have been enabled by modern technology, such as thermochromic inks pigments , conductive fabrics or paints. Since 2009  I have started to study and research the relationship between materials and technology .I am interested in the creative and educational possibilities, and also in the critical aspect of how technology has been demystifying traditional possible visual methods offering a new kind of contemporary artistic medium. My main focus is on STEAM education and  the new use of emerging open source tools and novel materials into the creative and artistic process. Under this umbrella, my studies focus on the experimental and formal investigation of how to merge digital and physical practice into the visual artist’s creative proces

Nowadays, democratization of technology and the rise of the Internet has introduced an expansion of innovation in art education towards new emerging interdisciplinary STEAM curricular activity opportunities with technology. More than in previous generations – as a result of the maker culture – a diverse range of people, have access to open source computational platforms and online tutorials that step-by-step explain how to create and fabricate interactive projects using dynamic or novel materials with electronics. Under this umbrella, artistic practice is constantly evolving in correlation with technological innovations. New technologies material, emerging creative communities and  kinds of tools based on open source shared platforms for making have long been contested the boundaries between Craft, Design and Visual Art.  Today, we could see how artists – who have historically been supporters of new technologies  and contemporary trends – or people with different backgrounds has redefined the boundaries of learning technology .It is important to understand that this new context enriched the field of art both conceptually and visually. Thus opening the possibility to incorporate new tools , materials and new technologies to the artistic medium can influence contemporary artistic practices.


D.I.Y.:Interactive painting techniques + Electronics . Seventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction February 10-13, 2013.TEI Barcelona,Spain.Paola Guimerans Abstract Here

CREATIVE SOFT CIRCUITS: Introducing Soft Circuits kits as a tool to engage children into educational arts and craft . 2nd International Conference Art, Illustration and Visual Culture in Infant and Primary Education: Creative processes and childhood-oriented cultural discourses. Aveiro, 2012.Paola Guimerans Abstract Here

SCRAPYARD CHALLENGE AND SOFT CIRCUITS: Introducing Electronic Hardware design and electronics to artists and designers within an educational setting. IATED,Valencia,2012.K. Moriwaki, P. Guimerans, C. Elguero, J. Brucker-Cohen Abstract Here

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