2008 / BIOPHIONITOS, Sonarmática. MACBA, Barcelona



BIOPHIONITOS generates artificial life using a system similar to the zoetrope, an early animation device that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures. Horacio González, Paola Guimerans and Igor González added to the concept a touch of Processing and a whiff of Arduino to develop an interface able to create a physical animation which runs in an old-style but interactive phenakistoscope.

With technology as a creative process, the projects purporse is to create an application in Processing that allows the users to draw a virtual animal and use this as a physical animation. Biophionitos is a reflection on the virtual creative processes and an educational D.I.Y. (“ Do it yourself”) tool of communication. This animal/pet will becomposed of a limited series of simple polygons in which the program has made modifications to give the drawing biological movement.

BIOPHIONITOS es una instalación interactiva y proyecto colaborativo realizado durante INTERATIVOS.08  en Medialab Prado Madrid. Este proyecto fue seleccionado para ser expuesto en SONARMATICA.

El objetivo de Biophionitos es que a partir de un programa online, poder crear vida artificial utilizando zootropos.Basándose en los principios de la imagen autogeneratíva, la idea del proyecto es desarrollar una interface que sea capaz de generar una animación que cobrará vida en un fenaquistoscopio interactivo gracias a Arduino.

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Medialab Prado

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