2011 / Girls’ Fashion Jam

Girls’ Fashion Jam


The Girls’ Fashion Jam is a workshop designed for the female student at the game-based learning middle school Quest to Learn. The Girls’ Fahsion Jam encourages girls to explore the intersections of fashion, jewelry, design, and technology. The workshop seeks to create a fun and engaging learning space that is girl-focused and girl-powered.

Led by designer-artist Paola Guimerans, workshops are designed to enable girls to create wearable technology, develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, explore design and practice iterating and prototyping ideas.

The Girls’ Fashion Jam is a new initiative by the Institute of Play‘s afterschool program, Short Circuit. Short Circuit is a multi-disciplinary program where participants explore the intersections of electronics, programming, systems-thinking and fundamental design principles in a creative, studio-like environment.



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