2012 / Ventana 244,Art Space Brooklyn

Hue-rban : “Beyond the sleeping lighthouse”


Curated by Ana Busto and Ephrat Seidenberg

Ventana244 Art Space presents Hue Reaction, an exhibition that combines drawing, video and interactive work by the Spanish artists Paola Guimerans and Raul Gomez Valverde. The show connects two discourses that explore the construction of perceptual experiences.

Both artists integrate traditional and non-traditional media, sharing an interest in the mechanisms of image-making and the social impact of their activity. The faculty of imagining –the ability of imagination to make not only sense of the world, but “a new world” in itself–, is the meeting point of the two participants of the show.

Paola Guimerans’ drawings unfold an imaginary world where technology triggers emotional responses. Her work emerges from the tradition of illustration, graffiti –a radical mark in the public sphere– and the phenomenological possibilities of technology.

Guimerans combines emerging techniques to embed in paper and canvas conductive materials such as thermal inks and electric fabrics. Her installation Beyond the sleeping Lighthouse takes the form of an interactive mural, in which the potential of public engagement is presented as a whimsical invitation to “activate” the piece.To create this symbolic universe, she was inspired by The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship, a seamless short fiction full of references to nature, light and human drama published by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1968. Her mural includes drawings, sound and a series of soft switchers that motivate visitor’s interaction. Thanks to her use of thermochromic paint and conductive maerials different shades of color appear in concordance to the story.

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