MFA DT Parsons ,The New School for Design. NY ,2010
The goal of the class Soft Circuits: an exploration of new media materials in the contexts of tangible interface is to explore the integration of new materials and electronics into paper and textile based interfaces. The class will expose students to a series of tools and methodologies utilized to handcraft a suite of sensors and paper-textile based circuits. Students will also experiment with electronic activated inks such as electroluminescent and thermochromic inks to generate displays that are both decorative and functional.
SCRAPYARD CHALLENGE AND SOFT CIRCUITS: Introducing Electronic Hardware design and electronics to artists and designers within an educational setting. IATED,Valencia,2012.K. Moriwaki, P. Guimerans, C. Elguero, J. Brucker-Cohen Abstract Here
OPEN CLASS: http://softcircuits2011.wordpress.com/

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